Exhibitor Card

Register yourself and your stand staff as an exhibitor here.

All exhibitors and stand personnel attending VVS’23 must be registered electronically, so please do this in advance of the fair. It is important that you take care to register all persons who will be on your stand during the fair.

PLEASE NOTE: it is possible to register several people at a time, BUT please be aware that each person must be registered with their own e-mail address as the confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

Once you have registered, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. Please bring this on your smartphone when you arrive at the fair. The confirmation must be scanned in order for you to print a valid exhibitor card.

Exhibitor Info will be available at the Technical Service desk where you can print your exhibitor card for use at the fair. This will open on May 17th.

Get your exhibitor card printed in good time:

When you arrive at the fair, it is a good idea to have your exhibitor cards printed first, as experience shows that there is a great demand just before the fair opens.

The exhibitor card should be worn visibly during the fair, as this serves as an access badge for both exhibitors and stand staff during the fair.

Register yourself and your stand staff as an exhibitor here.

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