Trade Fair Goods and Transport

As the official fair forwarder at Odense Congress Center, MESSE LOGISTIK ApS welcomes you to VVS’23.
As in the past, the fair places great demands on the planning of logistics for transport, assembly, and dismantling.

MESSE LOGISTIK ApS plans and provides truck, logistics and transport services in the halls, so that all exhibitors have as much time as possible for preparation and start-up.

We will ask you to contact us as soon as possible in relation to your wishes and needs, so that we can plan well in advance.

MESSE LOGISTIK ApS also offers the following services in addition to the above:
– Unloading and loading w/truck
– Receipt of other goods for VVS’23
– Storage of empty goods during the fair
– Crew assistance
– National transport to and from VVS’23
– International transport to and from VVS’23
– Courier
– Goods insurance

At the fair you will find us here (opens in new tab)

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Steen Thorvaldsson
Tel: 22 96 81 83

NOTE – exhibition goods can be received on Monday May 15th at the earliest